Our Mission

To spread knowledge, create curiosity, and inspire appreciation for wildlife that in turn promotes wildlife welfare and supports the conservation efforts to preserve them.

We have all heard the saying "knowledge is power", and it's a phrase we hold true to our hearts here at CritterFacts! 

Humans will protect and preserve the things they love most. They only love things they know intimately well, and the only way to get to know something intimately well is through learning. It's the reason why almost every biologist ends up becoming a conservationist, because they have learned so much about the world we live in and it's only natural to fall in love with it.

Imagine if everyone fell in love with life as much as they did?

That is our goal here at CritterFacts. To help cultivate that wonder, appreciation, and love for the animals that share this great mystery we call life with us. To help those learn something new and discover that there are some astonishing things our there still left to uncover. 

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

- Margaret Mead

Imagine living in a world where it was cool to help a turtle cross the road, and normal to share your property with 4-legged neighbors... in peace. Imagine if the hottest trend was the big wildlife photography contest going on. Imagine if ivory and rhino horn were completely worthless and instead people came in droves to see them alive and in peace where they belong. 

This is the future we envision and the one we want you to help create. 

Our wish is that CritterFacts users will want to learn more and more about all kinds of animals. As they discover more incredible facts about incredible animals, we hope they’ll develop the desire to preserve them and one day visit them in their natural habitat. 

It all starts with you. As a CritterFacts subscriber, you’ll learn about animals of all kinds and transform that knowledge into action.

With your help, together we’ll be able to:

  • Fund research

  • Contribute to animal welfare causes and organizations

  • Raise awareness for animals around the globe

  • Increase ecotourism revenue

  • Give away free trips to members like you

But this can’t happen without you. You’re the most important part of our mission. Only with your support will we be able to do all of these fantastic things and give back to nature. Download the CritterFacts app for free today and you’ll join the movement and make a difference! 

On behalf of the CritterFacts community, thank you for helping us safeguard a brighter future for wildlife.  

P.S To learn more about the features we are working on to enhance the CritterFacts app and further the mission CLICK HERE to visit the VISION PAGE.