Meet The Team

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William manages the business end of CritterFacts. Like a chess champion, he sees everything 10 steps ahead. His impressive investments include spearheading an online retail company at age 29 that made $3 million in revenue in its first 3 years.


Cara, William’s girlfriend, started CritterFacts as a prank. She started it by sending William random text messages with facts about animals. Claiming that she wasn't sending them, William eventually accepted this as a random subscription. At first, William wasn’t sure what to think, but eventually he was telling his friends and enjoying the knowledge. Thus, CritterFacts was born.

Cara has a natural way with animals and manages the marketing and human relations behind CritterFacts.




Cara and William spotted Arby at a rescue center in Louisville and immediately fell in love. On the way home, they named him after the restaurant.

Arby’s tail never stops wagging (even when he’s at the vet). He’s a Puggat (a pug/rat terrier mix) who loves to chew on his vast collection of toys and burrow into a huge wad of covers at night.

Arby is in charge of the security team at CritterFacts. With his intimidating size, it's easy to see why intruders would run for the hills. 

In Memory of Lucky

Lucky was a legend with unexpected beginnings. It’s a running joke that William gets everything from Craigslist: his house, his cars, and yes, even his dog.

William saw an ad for a purebred Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature Husky). Upon meeting Lucky, William knew he had to have him.

Lucky was a contemplative, easygoing dog. His quiet bark was never overwhelming, and he was more low maintenance than a cat. During travels, he would lie down and sleep peacefully.

Lucky passed away February 15, 2016. He will be missed.