How Critterfacts Gives Back

See your funds at work! Here, you can read about the different kinds of charities we have donated to and discover how they are working to bring positive changes in the world.

We could not do this without you, as our community grows and we donate more and more, we can make a bigger impact on more charities. Our entire business model is designed to make wildlife more valuable alive and well, in the wild. By designing our incentives around non-extractive activities like photography and ecotourism, we hope to create more demand for sustainable and humane enjoyment of wildlife. Economics has the potential to be the greatest ally for wildlife.

But we don't stop there, the founders of CritterFacts will also volunteer their time and share their experiences on the upcoming CritterFacts' YouTube channel and blog. We want to explore the different regional charities that are making a difference, and eventually spread to other parts of the country, and even the world! The dynamic shared between Cara and William is one that makes for great entertainment and is sure to bring smiles and laughter. 


Charity #1: Kentucky Wildlife Center